Best Rice Cooker In India – (2021) Buyer’s Review & Guide

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A wide variety of rice is found in India. Rice is that staple food that is a part of every Indian food and is used in many dishes as well. For ages, we are eating rice after boiling it. But there are different studies that declare that steaming rice is a much better option as it preserves the nutrients and the original taste. So, if you are a fan of steamed rice or want to switch to this mode of rice eating, then we have grabbed some best rice cookers in India for you. Here you will know about some best quality rice cooker which will be in your budget and will be worth buying.

We have elaborated on the key features and pros of different rice cookers for you so that it will turn easy to pick the best one for your kitchen. Not only this but here you will also get guided about the key points which should be kept in mind while buying a rice cooker. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s discuss some best rice cookers in India.


Best Rice Cooker In India- Quick Ranking

Rice Cooker




Prestige PIC Induction Cooktop

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker 

Panasonic Automatic Electric Cooker 

Geek Robocook Automatic  Electric Pressure Cooker

Bajaj Rice Cooker

Best Electric Rice Cooker In India- Buying Guide

Before choosing the rice cooker, you need to make a list of your needs. Make a list of the quantity, color, type, and mode of the cooker, which will be convenient for your usage. Here are some key points which you should mark on your list while choosing from the best rice cooker in India.
1. Make sure the capacity of the cooker matches your need
2. The light indicator is the important needed feature
3. Choose a non-stick inner pot cooker
4. Stainless still cookers will be more durable
5. Should cook other similar grains as well
6. Look for an easy temperature adjusting feature
7. Measuring cups, steam side trays, serving spoons, and ladles will be the cherry on top
8. Quick-cooking and reheat feature will be the helping hand
9. Look for the model which will be easy to clean up
10. Choose an easy to carry model

Top 5 Best Rice Cooker In India

  1. Prestige PRWO 1.8 Litre Red Colour Rice Cooker

Prestige PRWO 1.8 Litre Red Colour Rice Cooker

If you are looking for a durable and beautiful model of the rice cooker, then the prestige PRWO 1.8 liter red color rice cooker, is the best option for you. It’s easy to carry and an attractive model will add charm in your cooking and the overall look of your kitchen as well. It comes with many useful features that are mentioned below. This product is on the first number in the best rice cooker in India list.


Comes with a durable Body, cooking capacity- 1.8 Litre, has detachable Power Cord, easy to use Control Panel, comes with Cool Touch handles, has a Switch lever that helps in automatic cooling, carries a close fit lid which keeps the rice warm and fresh till long

  • Comes with an elegant and easy to use design
  • Brings features that are easy to understand
  • Allows safe cooking
  • Its durability, material, and elements make it a value for money product
  • Make cooking more manageable and fun
  • Its red and white look will become one of the masterpieces in your kitchen
  • Sometime food sticks to base


2. Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker 


Prestige Delight Electric Rice CookerAre you searching for the best rice cooker in india which will help you to make enough rice? Here we brought the Prestige cute 2.8-liter electric rice cooker in the color red, which can cook up to 1.7 kg rice at a time. So, whether you are going to invite some guests or want to serve enough to all family members, this rice cooker will turn out to be the better choice.


It has 2.8 Litre Capacity, it carries additional Cooking Pan, Contains Cool Touch handles, comes with easy to use Control Panel, also has Cool Touch handles


  • It’s cool-touch handles allow safe and secure cooking
  • It comes with two aluminum cooking pans which help to cook and store more rice
  • This 2.8 liters capacity cooker can cook 1.7 kg of rice at a time
  • Its red design will surely be the point of attraction in your kitchen
  • It comes with a scoop holder and close-fit stainless-steel lid
  • The durable material will work for you for years
  • Sometime rice stick to bottom if you don’t add enough water


3. Panasonic Automatic Electric Cooker

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 750-Watt Automatic Electric CookerWe want to invest in the best when it comes to kitchen appliances. Here we are sharing information about the best rice cooker in India. Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 750-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker 5.4 Litre is another right option for rice lovers. Its large volume helps you to cook more rice evenly and conveniently. The easy-to-use model makes your cooking fun and easy. It is one of the best rice cooker in india.


Comes with 5.4 Litre Capacity, it includes 4 hours keep warm function, it carries non-stick cooking pan, it also contains Convenient bridge handle, comes with an Extremely Durable body.

  • Its huge capacity allows you to cook more at a time
  • You can also steam vegetables at the same time
  • It is made up of extremely durable body which makes it a value for money option
  • It can keep the food warm up to 4 hours
  • The non-stick cooking pan and convenient bridge makes your cooking easier
  • Comes with easy to understand control panel with different features
  • Regular cleaning of the cooker is difficult.


4. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

If you want to invest in the best rice cooker in india, then Geek robocook automatic 5-liter electric pressure cooker is the right name for you. The automatic mechanism removes the hustle from your cooking hours and also saves you precious time. This model of rice cooker from Geek comes with seven safety guards and 11 preset menus with which you can cook something new for your family every day.


It comes with 5 Litre Capacity, it contains 11 PRESET MENUS, designed with 7 SAFETY GUARDS, gives you the benefit of INTELLIGENT COOKING, helps to Retains Nutrition.


  • The digital or automatic timer control needs less manual work which saves both your time and efforts
  • Seven safety guards such as temperature, exhaust fitment, pressure, etc. give the surety of safe cooking
  • The control panel contains 11 preset menus with which you can make different dishes every day, such as biryani, Pongal, idli, etc.
  • Its all in one feature contains braising, baking, sautéing, steaming, and frying
  • It also includes anodised Teflon coated pot which evenly cooks the food
  • The model is designed in such a way that it will preserve all the nutrients of food
  • Functions are not user friendly


5. Bajaj RCX 5  Rice Cooker

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

If you want to add a small model piece of rice cooker in your kitchen, then the Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 liter rice cooker will be another better choice for you. The loyalty of Bajaj and its smooth functioning is all to invest in. The aluminum with anodized finished design makes it a decent and effective product. The very easy control panel will not be a point of confusion for you at all.


Comes with a capacity 1.8 Litre, carries the function of Automatic Cooking, comes with two years warranty, it contains Cool Touch Handle, contains 1 kg rice capacity.


  • This Bajaj RCX 5 1.8 Litre Rice cooker, will gather spaceless and will cook the best for you
  • You can cook up to 1 kg of rice evenly, at a time
  • The automatic cooking feature removes the need for any extra effort from your side
  • The aluminum cooking bowl gives you the touch of traditional cooking
  • It’s an easy to handle model for a small family
  • Worth buying it if you want to switch to steamed rice
  • This cooker has no keep warm mode.


Conclusion- Best Rice Cooker In India

Technology continuously giving us all the chance to save time and effort in many ways. Today we talked about the most elegant and best rice cooker in India, which is making cooking easier for people. Rice cooker eliminates those extra efforts and chores from your cooking pattern. It also eliminates the common problems linked with rice cooking such as uncooked rice, soggy rice, burnt rice, etc. The Rice cooker comes with an automatic control panel that makes sure to serve the right textured rice on your dining table.

Besides this, the rice cooker also eliminates the need for gas or induction. It is as simple as using other electric appliances. All the models mentioned above of the rice cooker allow you to cook the perfect rice even if you don’t know cooking properly. The user manual and indicators will teach you the level of water and rice you need to add. Rice cooker is a model appliance that comes with user-friendly control, digital timer, easy to clean bowl, automatic keep-warm setting, quick-cook setting, modes for different rice dishes, etc.

People who are occasional rice eaters are advised to pick the primary and small model of the rice cooker. If you love to eat a variety of rice food then you can go with the advanced model of the rice cooker. Make sure about the space in your kitchen before choosing a rice cooker model. So, here is all about the best rice cooker in India. We advise you to pick the best model according to your usage pattern and need.

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