Best Geyser For Hard Water in India- (2021) Buyer’s Review & Guide

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We all want to equip our house with high-quality machinery and gadgets, which will not only make our life easy but also add elegance in the overall look of our house. At “The kitchen mart’, we help you to choose the best gadget from the market, by introducing you with the topmost models of home and kitchen appliances. Here you will also get to read the right parameters in the buying guide of every product or electronic gadget. Today we are here to share information about some proficient and latest models of Best geyser for hard water in India.

Best Geyser For Hard Water In india

As the winter season is on the way, hence you should keep your bathroom ready by installing the best water heater in it. Oh! Are you confused between a number of models of water heaters available in the online market? Well, don’t worry as we are to help you out in choosing from the best water heaters available in the market today. You are advised to read every tip included in the buying guide here for Best geyser for hard water in India and to make a list of your requirements accordingly. Working on your own requirements is the right way to get the right product to your home. So, let’s start the tour of finding the right water heater for your house.

Best Geyser For Hard Water in India






Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water Heater

25 Litre

Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater

1 Litre

Havells Instanio  Instant Geyser 

3 Litre

Racold Eterno Vertical Water Heater

15 Litre

AO Smith Vertical Water Heater 

10 Litre

V-Guard Victo Water Geyser

15 Litre


Best Water Heaters (Geyser) Brands in India

  1. Havells Geysers- Havells is increasing its reach to almost every house in India, by providing qualitative and high-class products to consumers. The Monza range of storage water heaters from Havells is the most liked model until now.
  2. AO Smith Geysers– It is one of the trusted brands of water heaters in India which is well known for its instant water heaters. You will variety of models in both instant and storage geysers from AO Smith.
  3. Racold Geysers– Racold is gaining people’s attention by serving qualitative electronic appliances. You will find a huge range of water heaters of this brand in the market which will be equipped with the latest technology and user-friendly modern features.
  4. Bajaj Geysers– Above we talked about Bajaj Shakti storage water heater which is in trend and is the most liked model by consumers. Bajaj deals in a huge range of both instant and storage water heaters.
  5. Crompton Geysers– Crompton is known for its world-class products and consumer service. This brand will surely not disappoint you in any manner. Investing in a geyser of Crompton will be the right decision for you.
  6. V guard Geysers– People also trust V-guard when it comes to investing in a water heater. This company designs user-friendly and easy operation water heaters keeping the safety of users in mind.

Best Water Heater(Geyser) In India

Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater


If you are looking for a perfect model of water heater for your home, which will not only energy efficient but will also fulfill the requirement of your big family, then this New Shakti storage geyser from Bajaj will surely be the right pick for you. The white color elegant model will surely adore the look of your wall. This is a 4-star energy-efficient model of geyser from Bajaj, which will surely help you to save more on your electricity bills as well. The inner tank is made up of mild steel with glass linked coating which is useful for hard water type as well. This is

Key features

25 liters capacity, storage type, CRCA+PP outer body type, Glass-lined inner tank coating material, useful in high-rise buildings, 8 pressure bars

  • Large storage capacity is ideal for the usage of big families
  • The 4-star BEE ratings make it an energy-efficient model
  • 8 pressure bars make it capable to work even in high water pressure
  • Designed with rusting and corrosion preventable material
  • You do not get enough accessories


Crompton Bliss Instant water heater


Those who want to invest in a compact model of the geyser that will be competent for the use of their small family can go with this Crompton Bliss 1-litre instant water heater. Crompton is one of the most trusted brands in India which is dealing with a number of electronic appliances and is serving people with high-quality products. This Bliss geyser from Crompton is designed for small families. Its high-class features make it an ideal model, you should invest your money in. The special type of copper element and rust-free ABS body work together for a longer lifespan.

Key features-

Multifunctional safety valve, 6.5 bar pressure, rust-free ABS body, Stainless steel water tank, 1 liter capacity, copper element, 3000 watts power.

  • A right model of geyser designed for a small family
  • You get 2 years warranty on the product
  • Rust free ABS body make it an ideal geyser even for hard water
  • Can bear high water pressure as well
  • You have to pay extra for installation service and fitting material


Havells Instanio Instant geyser


Havells is another trusted brand in India which deals in a number of high-quality electronic appliances. Here we brought this Havells Instant instant geyser which is an ideal model for your small family. The white and blue eye-catchy design will surely add elegance to the place of installation. This geyser from Havells is designed with the latest technology and user-friendly features. It comes with the rust and shockproof ABS outer body which will serve you with hot water for longer life. The copper heating element is ideal for hard water usage as well.

Key features-

304-grade stainless steel water tank, 3000 watts power, 3-liter capacity, LED indicator, Rust and shockproof ABS outer body, Fire retardant power cord

  • An ideal model for your small family
  • Geyser with all safety measures and the latest technology
  • 6.5 bars pressure can face high water pressure perfectly
  • LED indicator helps to understand the funct

  • ionality easily

  • You get the Flexi pipes and other installation accessories
  • It doesn’t store the hot water for longer usage


Racold Eterno Vertical water heater


If you are a member of a large family and is looking for the right model of a water heater according to your family size, then this Eterno 2 storage 15-liter water heater from Racold will surely be the right product for you. This geyser with a white and metallic outer body works with smart water bath logics. It is designed with polymer coating which doesn’t let limescale damage the inner tank. It is also an energy-efficient model of geyser from Racold which claims to save up to 40% of energy. This 5-star BEE rated product is designed with a smart guard technology that perfectly cop up with high water pressure as well.

Key features– 2 storage, 15-liter capacity, 5-star ratings, Polymer protective coating, smart bath logic, titanium enameled heating element, smart guard, high-pressure resistance, smart mix technology

  • An energy-efficient geyser from Racold which will serve you ideally for a longer period
  • A high-class product with modern technology
  • Auto-cut off and thermostat like features provides excellent security
  • You get 2 years warranty on the product, 3 years warranty on the heating element and 7 years warranty on the water tank
  • The brand gets failed to provide a superior after-sale service


AO Smith SGS-PLUS-010 vertical water heater


AO Smith is another trusted brand which deals in many highly-efficient electronic gadgets. Here we are talking about AO Smith SGS-PLUS-010 water heater with a 10-liter capacity. This geyser is designed for the adequate usage of your big size family. This 5-star BEE rating geyser from AO Smith is equipped with modern features. This water heater comes with a blue diamond glass lined inner tank and ABS outer body. This model of the geyser is designed with the glass-coated heating element which in totality increases the overall lifespan of your water heater. This geyser with 33% express heating, provide instant hot water immediately after you switch on you’re the power button.

Key features-

Express heat technology, 10-liter storage, 5-star BEE ratings, Blue diamond glass, Glass-coating heating element, Long-lasting Anode rod, 8 pressure bars

  • You get the free installation service from the company
  • 8 pressure bars are capable enough to tackle with high water pressure
  • The blue diamond glass inner tank material works longer even with hard water
  • You get a longer warranty of 7 years on inner tank and 4 years on glass coating heating elements
  • Corrosion resistance technology prevents the geyser from damage
  • Doesn’t convert hard water to soft water



V-Guard Victo 15 liters water geyser


V-Guard is another trusted brand in India which also deals in highly efficient models of many electronic appliances. You will find a huge range of high-performance water heaters from V-Guard. Here we are talking about Victo 15 liter water heater from V-Guard with a four-layered safety system and multifunctional safety valves. This is designed with superior quality steel and anti-corrosive coating elements. The 5-star BEE rating makes this heater from V-Guard an energy-efficient electronic gadget. So, if you want to install a perfect water heater that will serve hot water to your large-size family, then this water will surely be the right choice for you.

Key features-

15-liter capacity, 5 stars, thermal cut off, temperature control knob, High-quality body material

  • The sleek design and elegant look will add a charm to your place and will not cover much space on the wall.
  • An energy-efficient water geyser from V-Guard which will surely help you to save more on electricity bill
  • Anti-corrosion powder-coated elements increase the overall working period
  • You get a good warranty period and accessories kit
  • Might not tackle with high water pressure


Best Water Heater(Geyser) In India- Buying Guide

Are you also afraid of taking a bath in winters and are looking for a perfect water heater to overcome your fear? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to introduce you to some of the best geysers for hard water in India. In this buying guide for best water heaters, we are going to share the parameters that you should definitely look before investing in any model of the water heater. You have to choose the right geyser according to your family size and their daily requirements. It is also advised to choose an energy-efficient and smart model of water heater for your house. Let’s have a look at other important aspects which you should consider before saying a yes for any model of the geyser for hard water.

Select the right type- There are two major types available in geysers which are Instant geyser and a geyser with a storage tank. The major difference between these two types of water heaters or geysers is linked with the space it occupies. The instant geysers need less wall-mounting space but the geyser with a water tank occupies more space on your wall. Also, the instant geyser works instantly and you get the hot water just after you switch on the power button. While on the other hand, you have to wait for at least 5 minutes to get hot water in case of a storage geyser. In storing geyser, you can take hot water for some hours even after switching off the geyser. So, choose the right type accordingly.

Choose the right size- If you have a big family, then you are advised to pick a geyser with a storage tank. Instant heaters are designed for a small family which has a capacity to store up to 3 liters of water. So, consider the size and requirement of your family to pick the right size of the water heater or geyser.

An energy-efficient model will be the right choice- We always advise you to pick an energy-efficient model of every electronic gadget. The volume of your water heater is linked with electricity consumption. Your usage of the water heater or hot water is directly linked with electricity consumption. It is right to pick an energy-efficient model but it is also important to keep a watch on your usage pattern, to save more on your electricity bill.

Pick the corrosion-resistant tank geyser for hard water- If you are looking for the best geyser for hard water in India, then you are advised to pick a model with the corrosion-resistant tank. By buying this type of geyser you can increase the lifespan of your geyser, even if you use salty water or hard water.

Some other parameters to look for

  1. Climate you live in- If you live in a cool place, then you are advised to pick an energy-efficient model of the geyser. Geysers consume more power in colder climate hence you need to make a smarter choice
  2. Higher consumption leads to the high electricity bill
  3. Make sure to switch off the water heater immediately after use
  4. It is always advised to use the geyser with adequate precautions, to eliminate the chances of any damage or mishappening.

So, here were some important parameters which you should consider while investing your money in a geyser. Now, its time to discuss some models of the best geyser for hard water in India. Below we are going to introduce you with some top-class models of water heaters in India. Not only this, but we are also sharing the key features, pros, and cons, of every product so that you can make the right choice.


  • Which brand is best for Geyser?

Ans. We had talked about some top brands which deal with water heaters in India. You need to choose the brand according to the quality of products and their services for the customer. Crompton, Havells, V-Guard, AO Smith, Kenstar, Bajaj, are some of the top brands which are serving people with qualitative products for years.

  • How do I choose a water geyser?

Ans. Above, we had shared the right buying guide for geyser. You just need to make your list of requirements by keeping the right parameters in mind.

  • Which type of Geyser is best for a home?

Ans. We advise you to choose the size and capacity of geyser according to your family size. Pick a model with adequate capacity, high durability, and helpful functions.

  • Is instant geyser good for the bathroom?

Ans. As you need more water at a time in your bathroom, hence it is advised to install a storage water heater in the bathroom for the right usage.

  • Does geyser use a lot of electricity?

Ans. Actually not. The overall consumption of electricity by your geyser depends on how you are using it. To save more on your electricity bill you are advised to pick a model with 5-star BEE ratings.

  • What is the difference between instant and storage water geysers?

Ans. Instant water geyser gives you hot water seconds after you switch the power button on but it doesn’t store hot water for further usage. On the other side, a storage water heater stores hot water according to the capacity which you can use for hours even after switching the power button off.

  • What happens if the geyser is left on for 24 hours?

Ans. This will surely charge you with high electricity bills. That is why it is always advised to pick a water heater with auto cut off feature so that it can get turn off automatically in case you forget to shut it down.

  • How much power does a geyser use?

Ans. Every model has different power wattage and it consumes power accordingly.

  • When should I turn my geyser off?

Ans. When not in use or when you have no more need for hot water.

Conclusion- Best Geyser For Hard Water in India

To get the best geyser for hard water in India, you need to work on a loss on your requirements. Also, you need to stay aware of the precautionary measures linked with the usage of water heaters. It is always advised that an electric geyser with a copper tank should not be installed at high water pressure areas, as the high water pressure can damage the heater and the tank both. It is also important to pick a heater with the auto-cut off feature as it prevents excess heating.

Make sure to invest in a certified product with a good warranty period. We also advised you to pick a model with ABS plastic body which prevents you from shock and your heater from rusting. We introduced you with some high-class geysers for hard water and also shares the right tips to invest in a geyser. So, here was all about the best geyser for hard water in India. Stay connected with us to get the right information about more such home and kitchen appliances.

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